Orchestra of the Filipino Youth to perform in Iloilo

Orchestra of the Filipino Youth to perform in Iloilo

August 07, 2014 01:36 AM


By: Maricyn A. De los Santos

THE Orchestra of the Filipino Youth is embarking on its Philippine debut and first-ever concert tour outside of Luzon by performing at the University of San Agustin Auditorium in Iloilo City on Aug. 16, 2014, 6PM.

The OFY is established by Ang Misyon, an organization that has aided the Philippines to be the first country in Southeast Asia to emplement El Sistema – the music and social development program that has become a global phenomenon.

Ang Misyon said its initial project is a free after-school music program known as Sistema for the Filipino Youth. It offers indigent children the chance to achieve their full musical potential through Classical Music discipline to create a positive impact on their respective communities.

The OFY, on the other hand, is a donor-based youth orchestra comprised of 55 young musicians from underprivileged families, handpicked from various existing ensembles throughout the country.

In its first two years, the OFY has performed in numerous museums, hotels and venues under the baton of Ms. Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng and Mr. Olivier Ochanine.

Ang Misyon’s vision is to help eradicate poverty in the Philippines through social change, simultaneously enhancing the country’s identity by creating career paths in Classicalo Music performance and redeveloping its Arts and Culture.






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