Male births outnumber females

THE number of male registered births in Guimaras outnumbered females in 2016.
Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Guimaras said that the male percentage value is higher by 2.57 percent than females.
The male group accounted for 51.28 percent of the 3,348 total births recorded while females shared 48.72 percent.
Three out of the five municipalities of the province posted higher male registered births than females – Jordan (4.63 percent gender gap), Buenavista (5.35) and San Lorenzo (4.92).
On the contrary, female registered births was higher counterpart in Nueva Valencia and Sibunag with a gender gap of 6.94 percent and 22.89 percent, respectively.
In sum, Jordan recorded the highest number of registered births with 2,181, accounting for 65.14 percent of the province’s total.
Buenavista and Nueva Valencia followed with 591 (17.65%) and 432 births (12.90%).
Sibunag and San Lorenzo registered the least with 83 (2.48%) and 61 (1.82%), respectively.
Meanwhile, male deaths in the province totaled 529, accounting for 55.57 percent of total deaths recorded in 2016. Female accounted for 44.43 percent.
Jordan recorded the highest number of deaths at 348 with a gender gap of 9.20 percentage points than females.
Buenavista followed with12.55 gender gap.
Nueva Valencia had the least gender gap at 4.09 percentage points. (PIO Guimaras with a report from PSA-Guimaras)

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