Finding a Way through TES

“GOD will give me a way,” so Rachel May Baylon believes, and through the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES), her dream of entering college has come true.

The daughter of a laborer and a housewife, and the eldest of eight children, Rachel once dreamed of being a policewoman.  However, due to health issues, she chose to pursue what many consider as the most noble profession,teaching.  With her family’s financial woes at the time, she almost gave up on entering college. Thus, upon learning from her friends of TES and its benefits, she applied for thiseducation subsidy from the government.

“I immediately passed all the needed requirements,” Rachel explained and added“I chose the University of Iloilo (PHINMA UI) because of its varied course offerings.” Aside from the wide range of courses available at PHINMA UI, the university also has updated facilities and resources, things that may not be available in some state-run institutions.

Rachel is a freshman student at PHINMA UI.  She works diligently towards getting her degree in Education.  According to her, she can now concentrate on her studies without having to worry about tuition fees and other expenses, saying “I have an allowance to support my daily needs; thus, I can focus easily on my studies.”

According to the TES Implementing Rules and Regulations, eligible students can also receive aid for certain school-related fees such as admission and guidance fees, development fees, ID fees, medical and dental fees, and other similar fees.

“If not for TES and PHINMA,” she confesses, “I would be working instead of studying. I’m the eldest so I need to earn to support my family.” According to her, a job at a fast food chain would probably be the best she could hope for. But with PHINMA UI’s help, Rachel has been granted an education subsidy, her path to a better life.

“Ten years from now, Isee myselfas a teacher,” she declares, foreseeing that she will have her own happy family, helping with her parents’ needs, and supporting her siblings in their studies.  She then concludes, “Seeing my family happy is going to be my life’s biggest pride!”

Rachel is one ofmany PHINMA UI students who are qualified to enjoy the benefits of being a TES grantee in SY1819.

Strategically placed all around the Philippines, other PHINMA Education schools are located in Metro Manila (PHINMA Saint Jude College), Dagupan, Pangasinan (PHINMA University of Pangasinan), Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija (PHINMA Araullo University), Cagayan de Oro (PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College) and Cebu (Southwestern University PHINMA).

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