DENR 6 sorts out land records


DENR 6 sorts out land records

March 14,2013 12:16 AM

THE DEPARTMENT of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-6) through its Land Management Service (LMS) is fast tracking the preparatory activities for the full implementation of the Land Management and Administration System (LAMS) primarily through the Inventory, Sorting and Grooming (ISG) of land records.

LAMS is one among the priority programs being worked out by DENR-LMS to serve as an information system developed and funded by World Bank. This is specifically designed to ensure an effectively-manage land records and provide efficient delivery in land transactions.

Once fully operational, it shall provide information services to the public as a LAM “One-Stop-Shops”, through the Land Management Bureau, LMS and concerned local government units (LGUs).

The ISG was first introduced in 2011 in all LMS field offices and though the activity will last until the year ends, this will still be a continuing activity of the lands sector until all land records are put in place and well-kept. This will include all land records under the custody of LMB, Regional Offices, PENR and CENR Offices.

Engr. Rita A. Colacion, PRS ’92 Operations Center and LAMS Coordinator of LMS-6, said “in ISG, physical status of a certain land record will be sorted and classified either “good”- if the records are intact and do not need to undergo any of the three phases (inventory, sorting and grooming) and can be directly scanned, “average”- records that need minimal sorting and grooming before it can be scanned; and “poor” – records that are unreadable, brittle and susceptible to being destroyed if scanned.”

Following the ISG activity is for the existing land records to be subjected to data capture, scanning and encoding and shall then form part of the LAMS database. After all these initial and prime phases of LAMS will be effectively put to order, then land titling process through a computerized inspection, verification, and approval of survey (IVAS) returns will soon be realized and could be availed by the needing public. (DENR-RPAO)



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