Scallops and more for the 4th Tikab-Tikab Festival

Text by: Bombette G. Marin Photos by: Gerard Villareal BARANGAY Asluman in Gigante Norte, Carles, Iloilo will celebrate its 4th Tikab-Tikab Festival on March 22-25, 2018. It was only recently that scallops in Gigante Islands became popular, and islanders quickly realized they were surrounded by a valuable commodity, literally waiting each season to be scooped from the […]

Passi City Takes Great Pride in Pintados Tradition

Text and photos by: Bombette G. Marin PASSI CITY, Iloilo is celebrating Pintados de Pasi Festival on March 10-24, 2018 alongside with its 20th Cityhood Anniversary. Themed “Go, Passi! Soar to Greater Height!,” the festival is an effort to preserve cultural heritage. The annual festivity of tattoo tradition highlights their community’s journey with a series of […]

Adventure in Rural Iloilo

Text and photos by: Bombette G. Marin The province of Iloilo is home to several exciting attractions. Unspoiled, quiet and a great break from the city, the province offers a diverse and unique adventure for all. It has a rich and unique; sundry and dramatic landscape. It is bounded by a long coastline from north to […]