Exploring Iloilo on Foot

Text and photos by: Bombette G. Marin The province of Iloilo is home to some of the most beautiful mountain scenery for hiking, historic towns to explore, beaches to walk upon and local delicacies to taste. It also boasts of many jaw-dropping mountain landscapes that are popular to travelers and visitors of Iloilo. What more […]

Celebrating Semana Santa in Cabatuan

Text and photos by: Bombette G. Marin Cabatuan, Iloilo annually celebrates rituals and ceremonies of the Holy Week every Good Friday and these have become important parts of Iloilo’s cultural heritage, testimonies of a tradition that reaffirms our identity. Visitors to Cabatuan, especially during Good Friday, will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in local […]

Taking In the Beauty of Sunflower Fields

Text and photos by: Bombette G. Marin A COUPLE of months ago, a sunflower field become a Facebook sensation thanks in part to photos of the place that went viral. While you won’t find miles and miles of sunflowers in Iloilo, you will find sunflower patches to behold, along with a variety of other kid-friendly farm […]