The beautiful game

EVERY four years, the world takes a pause for a month to celebrate the beautiful game. The football World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world watched by 3.4 billion people, nearly half of the 7.6 billion global population. A far second is Rugby World Cup with a 2.4-billion audience and Cricket World […]

Consent by silence

EDMUND Burke (1729-1797) wrote that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” His dictum is being proven true daily. Where people keep silent in the face of actual evil, the powerful imposes more and more, believing that there is no opposition. Silence is a conscious effort […]

Bacolod: New Texas of Western V

OY, OY, OY, isda nga Aloy! Baha diri, baha didto, baha dira. Abi ko kon ang baha diri sa City of Smells este City of Smiles madula na kay halos tanan nga dalan diri gin-pangguba na para mabutangan sang mga only in the Pilipins nga midol ob da road nga drainage system. Ti amo man […]

Waste of time to run after ‘playboy cops’

“I think I’m a natural-born leader. I know how to bow down to authority if it’s authority that I respect.” – Tupac Shakur NEW YORK CITY — When President Rodrigo R. Duterte arrived at the Iloilo Convention Center for the Philippine Councilors League’s (PCL) 2nd Quarterly National Executive Officers and National Board Meeting on June […]

Standing by

WELL, this English phrase of our title has a popular local name, “tambay” or “istambay” which refers to loiterers, people who just “stand by” with no apparent work or purpose but merely to be there. I clarified “apparent” because nobody can really tell why a person would stand by. Who can tell what that person […]


WE have to be familiar with this phenomenon. There’s such thing as concupiscence which is a certain attraction we have toward evil. No matter how much we try to be good—we can even be very heroic in this—we have within ourselves this attraction which we will carry all throughout our life. We have to learn […]

Killing the priests

NEWS and commentaries about the murder of three Filipino priests and the ambush of another who survived the attempt are spreading in the internet and many places. The commentaries add to the negative image of President Duterte and strengthen the hand of his critics who charge him as anti-Church. The President had been critical of […]

Genuine and fake love

WE can presume that everything that we do is done in the name of love. We do it because there is something good that we can derive from it. That’s the way we are made. We are oriented always towards the good. We try to avoid evil. The problem is that our concept of love […]

Where’s the super majority?

LAST Friday, cellphones of media people received a message from Bacolod Balita about a resolution authored by the city’s No. 1 Councilor Ricardo “Cano” Tan urging the contractors of the projects along the Alijis road and Lacson street to install lighted warning devices. He noted that several accidents had already happened due to lack of […]