Collecting trash

THE Bacolod City government has announced that on September 1 it will enforce the law on the segregation of garbage. A rhythmic slogan, “no segregation, no collection” is easy enough to understand, at least for people who have a modicum of knowledge of the English language. The government will collect only the garbage of a […]

We perform as we transform

By: Francisco B Lindero, Jr. THE Western Visayas top cop, Chief Superintendent Cesar Hawthorne Binag, put it succinctly in many of his pronouncements that the key to make the police service better than yesterday is for the force to deliver result. Binag, who is barely three months in the position, is convinced that performance is the […]

Who gains from a weak peso?

By: John Carlo Tria THERE are a lot of jitters concerning the dollar-peso exchange rate. People are concerned that goods and services will cost more, especially since foreign oil drives a big part of the economy. They are afraid that this will cause inflationary spirals and, in turn, economic instability. If one side of that may […]

Weeding out

WEEDS are a fact of life, and we just have to learn how to deal with them. Not only are they in our gardens. They are practically everywhere. They, in fact, appear in all aspects of our life—personal, social, economic, political, etc. Where we have to be most careful about them is in our spiritual […]


By: Raoul Simon Suarez “SA A. BONIFACio lang ako! Sa A. Bonifacio lang!” This is what the little old lady said to the jeepney driver before she got inside the vehicle. She said it like as if she was screaming for help. Loud. Booming. Repetitive. She was a tiny woman, presumably in her late 80’s. A […]

The truth will set us free

By: Francisco B Lindero, Jr. SYMPATHIES to Kian Lloyd delos Santos flooded the social media following his death on August 16, 2017 in Caloocan City. Along with the condolences are statements condemning the police in the alleged anti-illegal drug operations involving Kian. Mass protests were mounted by different groups in several areas across the country. Kian’s […]