The revenge of the Sith

THIRTY years. Three decades. That’s how long the dark side has patiently waited.  Finally, the Sith is back with vengeance. In 1986, the Filipino people had enough after enduring twenty years of Marcos brutal and corrupt rule. The Marcos dictatorship was toppled in a People Power revolt hailed worldwide for being bloodless. Immediately after the […]


THE Bacolod diocese concluded last week its Second Pastoral Assembly but for a brief news report we have no idea what transpired there. We got some feed backs from those who participated and from their reactions we have an idea of a dynamic local church on the wings. The plan reportedly will guide the diocese […]

Playing offense and defense

THIS is about the virtue of fortitude, one of the cardinal virtues from which spring many other virtues. It’s a virtue that we all should cultivate since it is necessary as we plod through the tricky waters of this world. It involves both aggression and protection. We have to learn how to pursue some arduous […]

‘I’m no Judas’

DEAR Mrs. Mabilog and Mr. Vidal, I wouldn’t have given time to answer some malicious allegations thrown at me but the insinuation that I am the Judas Iscariot is below the belt and I will answer your allegations placated as guessing game:  I had talked with the President only once and that was on March […]

Nationalist church-3

From its foundation the followers of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente were impressive but they were strongest in Bago, Saravia, Pontevedra, Valladolid, Ilog, La Carlota, La Castellana, and Pulupandan. There was a vacuum left by the forced departure of the Spanish Catholic priests. The huge number of the faithful was without pastor. The support of the […]

Travel and tourism

By: Benito T. Jimena, MMBM (1st of a series) INTRODUCTION.  It would be presumptuous to say that the career in travel is exciting, dynamic and rewarding. But this is my personal experience in almost a decade of being the tourism officer of Iloilo City; and I could attest to this.  It is a job that allows […]

CARP crap-2

THE violations of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law are indeed rampant and even endemic but let us not look at the beneficiaries alone but also at public officials, elected and otherwise, loan sharks and even police officers who have become landlords by the sheer force of their ability to loan out money to the Agrarian […]