AN ARTICLE by “The Vortex” published by the American based Church Militant claims that “the next wave of Catholic education is just getting off the ground. The face of the Church in the West is changing. As Pope Benedict predicted 40 years ago, it is becoming smaller yet more faithful…This is being seen increasingly in […]


AMONG the country’s presidents, Du30 is mostly likely to hold the distinction of being the first commander-in-cheap of the armed forces rather than its commander-in-chief.  No president had been made to look silly by the military except Du30 and he has no one to blame but himself. A combination of chapsuey and incoherent policy or […]

Long road to OMB

ONE of the 15 books I wrote often elicits the question: what happened to the case? Indeed, what happened to the case of plunder against Monico Puentevella that I meticulously discussed in 2010? The book narrates and analyzes in detail the facts culled from the plunder case filed by Harry Angpin, chairman of the Philippine […]

Iloilo and the new regulations

By: D’ Observer (THE author is a real person who fell in love with Iloilo and, well, an Ilongga. He wants to remain anonymous due to some “complications” but still, he raises very valid points in his contributions – Editor) In the past 6–8 months, new national and local regulations have been passed and old […]

Facts about cholesterol

By: Dr. Jimmy Manila WHAT is cholesterol? It is a waxy substance which is an essential component of the body cells and hormones.  It is made by the liver and is naturally present in the blood.  Most cholesterol in the blood is carried on low density lipoproteins or LDL which take cholesterol from the body and […]

On Jes Aznar’s case

DURING the regular meeting of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) on June 21, 2017,  representatives from media organizations such as the National Press Club (NPC), Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), Publishers Association of the Philippines Inc. (PAPI), Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), National Union of Journalists of the […]

TESDA scholars

FREEDOM from poverty is perhaps the most overused promise of the government since the time we had our own government. Never in any election has making this promise been forgotten. Similarly every government made promises of fighting poverty by creating jobs. The promise has become so common people don’t take them seriously. We know that […]

SJI coup? – 3

THE other acts that are punishable by suspension or expulsion are, “a) ceasing to possess the qualifications for membership; c) habitual neglect of his or her duty as member; and d) any other similar or analogous cases.” The matter of suspension and expulsion of members raises the question: who are the members of SJI corporation, […]

Concern for People

By: Sonny Faro THIS is one way of unlocking our human values which we may never experienced before like faith, hope, and love.  These are values that can be a driving force propelling us toward true success.  Success for the Rotarians, their spouse and others like doctors, dentists, psychologists, are people in the position to help […]