Japanese ‘fumie’

IT IS said that the blood of martyrs nourishes the Catholic Church. Throughout Church history, Catholics had been martyred and even to this day when the world is supposed to be civilized. My column last Saturday elicited reactions that can only be described as reaffirmation of the plight of Catholics in a hostile environment, not […]

Ceneco’s conversion

SINCE ITS creation I had constantly said that electric cooperatives established by martial law decree are pseudo-cooperatives. They are cooperatives in name but violate the basic principle of the co-operative system. From its financing to its operation and voting system, electric cooperatives are better described as corporations with a mass base members that paid P5 […]

Talk but shoot

SO NOW that peace talks between the communists and the Philippine government had ended, both camps are planning to talk while they shoot at each other. That is good for the AFP but bad for the communist cadres in the hills and mountains in the country. The diplomats and political leaders of the CPP/NDF can […]