Cry for justice

WE JOIN the cry for justice for the grisly murder of my former high school teacher Dante Roldan, assistant principal of Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School. There is no need to provide a graphic description of his death. It’s inhumane and cruel. I hope the police will get the perpetrators as soon (and legally) as […]

Protests vs HFCS

THE sugar producers appear to be ranged against powerful enemies in their protests against the shift of beverage industries and other food products to High Fructose Corn Syrup. Aside from the huge, multi-billion sweetened drinks and food industries, they are fighting the Department of Agriculture that is mandated, ironically to protect the sugar industry, and […]

Fostering inner freedom

THIS is a big challenge in educating young people. We need to make sure that all the classes and lessons imparted are taken in seriously, and are properly assimilated by the students, and not just learned superficially and mechanically. That is to say, that the lessons are made their very own also. These lessons should […]

HIV test for inmates

“HIV infection and AIDS is growing – but so too is public apathy. We have already lost too many friends and colleagues.” – David Geffen NEW YORK CITY — HIV cases are reportedly on the rise once again especially in Philippine jails and rehabilitation centers. Chito, a “floor manager” in a night club on J.M. […]


I HAD been wondering for over three years why the Barangay Chairman Noli Villarosa of Tangub in Bacolod appears to be untouchable. Serious issues had been raised and several cases filed against him in the Sanggunian but the SP remains silent and unable to make a decision. As chairman of the Liga ng mga Barangay, […]

Judging fairly

IN ONE of the Lenten weekday readings, we have been reminded that we have to judge fairly. From the Book of Leviticus, we read: “You shall not act dishonestly in rendering judgment. Show neither partiality to the weak nor deference to the mighty, but judge your fellow men justly.” (19,15) It again just shows us […]

Ilonggo solons not (yet) rubber stamps

“Enjoy your time in public service. It may well be one of the most interesting and challenging times of your life.” – Donald Rumsfeld NEW YORK CITY – Even members of the Iloilo City Council are getting annoyed and embarrassed that Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog has become the most favorite punching bag of President Rodrigo […]

The NBI catch

WHEN the new National Bureau of Investigation agent-in-charge in Bacolod, Renoir Baldovino assumed office at the start of this month, he said that he would concentrate on anti-graft and corruption cases. His pronouncement received the usual “ho-hum”, “here we go again” reaction. This attitude is perhaps due to the belief that the work of the […]

Gangs in Schools: How to Combat Them

 (Conclusion) THE formation of gangs is a common problem nowadays, especially to some public schools. Gangs are active in large cities of the country and sometimes due to pressures from the police and other rivals, some are spreading to the smaller cities or towns in the countryside where they shifted their illegal operations. Usually, teens […]

Re-echoing a woman’s cry

SHE WEARS pink from top to toe, with her half-rebonded and half permed hair and a cautious smile to prevent her false teeth from falling off. The minute she walked in the gate where she works, she’ll greet everybody she passed on with that certain grace unexpected of her. Then she headed to the office […]