Wage, employment surveys up in Aklan

THE Philippine Statistics Authority-Aklan is currently conducting the Occupational Wages Survey and Integrated Survey on Labor and Employment in 88 selected establishments.

According to Engr. Antonet Catubuan, Provincial Statistics Officer, the OWS aims to generate statistics for wage administration and wage determination in collective bargaining negotiations.

On the other hand, ISLE intends toproduce an integrated data set on unionism and collective bargaining, employment of specific group of workers, occupational shortages and surpluses, training of workers, productivity improvement programs and gainsharing practices, employee’s compensation program, occupational safety and health practices, and occupation injuries and diseases.

Data from this survey will provide inputs to studies on industry trends and practices, formulation of labor policies, and assess the progress of decent work in the country.

Both surveys are conducted every two years and with reference period of not later than August 31, 2018.

Results from similar surveys conducted in 2016 showed that aircraft pilots, navigators and flight engineers received the highest average wage rate of P116,714 per month.

This was followed by securities and finance dealers and brokers with monthly pay of P89,831, and civil engineers with P68,957.

Average wage rate of accounting and bookkeeping clerks for all industries in 2016 was pegged at P14,663, slightly higher by 4.8 percent compared to P13,994 in 2014.

Likewise, 6.7 percent or 2,099 establishments out of the total 31,277 establishments with 20 or more workers had unions in 2016, up by almost 1 percent from the 5.8 percent share in 2014.

Around 93.9 percent or 28,799 of the 30,682 total establishments had implemented various Occupational Safety and Health programs, while the most common work-related diseases experienced by workers include back pains (32.8%), essential hypertension (11.5%), and neck-shoulder pains (11.4%).

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