NegOcc to ensure sufficient chicken supply for holidays

BACOLOD City – The Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) here is coordinating with local poultry producers to ensure sufficient chicken supply in Negros Occidental the holidays.

Dr. Renante Decena, provincial veterinarian, met with poultry industry players on Monday to discuss supply-related concerns.

He noted that although Negros Occidental has steady supply of meat products, including dressed chicken, suppliers need to prepare for the increase in demand with the expected influx of tourists and other visitors this December.

Decena said he hopes other provinces can meet their respective forecasts because poultry integrators in Negros Occidental also supply chicken to other places, including Iloilo, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Manila.

“For Negros Occidental alone, we have more than enough supply,” he said.

Figures of the PVO showed that during Christmas and New Year holidays, consumption of dressed chicken reaches up to 3 million heads in a month compared to only 1.5 million heads on regular days.

In Negros Occidental, average annual production of dressed chicken by commercial growers is estimated at about 24 million heads. Along with about 4 million colored chickens, production reaches almost 28 million heads annually.

Decena said the production trend is growing as local growers are also increasing.

In Negros, there are local investors who venture as integrators so they can compete with their national counterparts, he added.

During the holidays, Decena said prices of dressed chicken normally increase by PHP3 to PHP5 per head mainly because of high demand.

He noted that the recent increase of PHP1.33 per kilogram in the price of dressed native chicken can be attributed to the cost of freight and handling, not because of lower supply. (EPN/PNA)

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