Helpful fire escape tips from Malayan Insurance

IN RECENT weeks, the nation has seen fire tragedies in various establishments across the country. The possibility of a fire emergency occurring in public spaces like these is more real than ever. Malayan Insurance recognizes the importance of safety, and with these tips, you can stay safe in an emergency.

Be aware of your surroundings. Signs of a fire may be present around you, like the appearance of a haze, the smell of something burning, and even a panicked crowd trying to exit the building. If the fire is not in your immediate location, having the presence of mind to detect these signs will allow you to escape before the fire escalates.

Pay attention to fire exits and escape plans. There’s a reason why the fire exit signs are glowing and escape plans are in plain sight. In the event of an emergency, knowing where to go and where the exits are will help you escape faster

Stay low in the presence of smoke. Inhaling smoke from a fire is dangerous. As much as possible, crawl below the smoke, making sure your head is one or two feet above the floor. This ensures that you are breathing clearer air.

Check doorknobs and sides of a door with the back of your hand. If you are within a room, gently place the back of your hand on the doorknob and around the door. If it is warm, do not use the door. If it is cool, slowly open the door.

Block out smoke. If you cannot leave the room due to fire in the hallway or exit, use towels or rags to seal the doorway to prevent smoke from coming in. Stay near the windows, and if possible, open them to let fresh air in.

Plan ahead. The number one priority in emergency situations is your safety and security. From taking time to locate the fire exits to securing personal accident insurance may seem excessive at the moment, but in an untoward event, these things could make all the difference.

Getting personal accident insurance is also a concrete step in making sure you and your loved ones are prepared for a fire emergency or any unforeseen events. It is ideal to get insurance with comprehensive coverage to include all kinds of accidents, have benefits for loss of life, permanent disability or dismemberment, as well as compensation for medical expenses.

Safety isn’t always a guarantee, but with careful planning, you can minimize the harm that comes to you and the people you care about.

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