Grab continues to expand in Iloilo

(From left) RHYS Pacaonces and Ed Salafrana of DREX, Grab Bacolod City Manager Joanne Yoshida, Grab Iloilo City Manager Jonathan Paca, Heba Villanueva of DLR, and administrative staff Johaeva Batunggara and Toni Rose Aguilar.

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

AFTER Grab Taxi’s successful launch in Iloilo City, the leading mobile platform plans to introduce its food and package deliveries and private car services in the city.

According to Grab City Manager Jonathan Paca, “Transportation is not only the main goal and direction of Grab. It is an everyday app that can offer a range of services through one mobile app.”

With over 100 million mobile downloads in 225 cities and 8 countries, Grab continues to be the Southeast Asia’s leading Online to Offline (O2O) mobile platform, providing everyday services to consumers.

Grab offers payments and a range of services in ride-hailing, from on-demand food delivery, logistics to cashless payments and financial services.

One of its offers is the Grab Express which works as on-demand parcel delivery with real-time tracking and addresses local challenges of last-mile delivery especially through congested cities.

Meanwhile, with Grab Food, consumers can order from restaurants near them and it will be delivered right to their doorsteps.

“More of food and parcel deliveries within the city, right now wala pa sa Philippines but it will be introduced soon and most likely we will introduce diri sa Iloilo,” Paca said.

WITH Iloilo journalists and bloggers.

Moreover, Grab also plans to bring its private car service, Grab Car in Iloilo.

“From now we have 60, 000 cars in Metro Manila and we also have private cars in Cebu and Bacolod.

We want it to be available sa Iloilo City soon but we are just waiting for the go-signal from LTFRB and we will proceed with the Grab Car because it can really help the city,” added Paca.

According to Paca, they are doing feasibility studies with regards to the launching of Grab Food, Grab

Express and Grab Assistant and other services in the City.

As of now Grab has around 700 taxi units in Iloilo with more than a thousand partnering drivers.

With its booming economy and increasing demand for business developments, Grab sees the need to introduce more of its services to Iloilo City.

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