DSWD gears for WV PWDs leaders’ gathering

DSWD gears for WV

PWDs leaders’ gathering

By: Lilibeth A. French

THE Department of Social Welfare and Development 6 is gearing up preparations to ensure that persons with disabilities in the region will have access to government programs and services.

The DSWD 6, lead agency of the Regional Council on Disability Affairs in Western Visayas, is currently organizing a forum entitled “Accessing Government Services for PWDs” that will be tentatively held on July 22, 2011.

DSWD 6 focal person for PWDs Judith Marte said she is finalizing plans with the municipal social welfare officer of the municipality of New Lucena the proposed venue of the one-day activity, which is expected to be participated in by PWD leaders and representatives of concerned government agencies and non-government organizations in the region.

“We are hoping that through this activity we can further enrich the lives of our PWDs by enabling them to benefit from the different services and programs of the government that they could access or avail of,” said Marte, as the country pays tribute and recognizes the valuable contribution of the sector in nation-building starting on July 17 to 23, known as the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.

This year, the week-long event will have “Making the Rights Real for Filipinos with Disabilities” as its theme.

Marte said the different laws on disability will also be discussed during the activity like Republic Act 9442 or the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons.

Recently, National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) Rizalio Sanchez said during an interview over Talking Points of Radyo ng Bayan and NBN 4 that through RA 9442 and RA 7222 entitled “An act providing for the rehabilitation, self-development and self reliance of disabled person and their integration into the mainstream of society and for other purposes” they are keenly promoting the rights of PWDS. The said laws seek to advance the rights and privileges of disabled persons including discounts on public transport, medical, dental services and other basic needs.

Marte added the activity will coincide with the Community-Based Rehabilitation Training to be conducted by the Association of Disabled Persons – Iloilo among PWDs and community leaders in the municipality.

New Lucena, is one of the two pilot municipalities in the country of the National Handicapping Environment project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the NCDA. The other municipality is Opol, Misamis Oriental.

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