DOST sets aside P41.57M for yarn center in Iloilo

Department of Science of Technology (DOST VI) signed with Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U), DOST-PTRI Philippine Textile Research Institute, local government of Miagao, Iloilo and GREAT Women, an agreement for the Establishment of Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) in Miagao, Iloilo last March 8, 2019. (Photo: TelaPilipinas)

THE first micro-scale yarn spinning facility in the country will be launched soon after the Department of Science of Technology (DOST VI) and the Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U), DOST-Philippine Textile Research Institute, the local government of Miagao, Iloilo; and GREAT Women signed an agreement on the Establishment of Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) in Miagao last March 8, 2019.

The facility to produce natural fiber-blended yarns using abaca and pineapple textile fibers, among others.

The facility envisions to supply 100% Philippine-made yarns to the local handloom weaving industry, designers and social enterprises with DOST-PTRI to train first the people who will operate the facility hosted by ISAT U Miagao Campus which will eventually partner with the Great Women Philippines.

Establishment of the said center was funded by DOST allocating P41.57 million as its budget with P29 million part of the fund to be allotted for purchase textile equipment while the remaining fund will be for the supply and materials according to DOST VI Regional Director Engr. Rowen R. Gelonga. He further said that this center is one of the biggest facilities in terms of yarn production outside of DOST- PTRI.

It can be recalled that Miagao was the center for the handwoven textile during the 18th century and that there were about 4,000 looms in the municipality. However, the decline of the industry was caused by the rise of the sugar industry and the availability of ready-to-wear. The municipality started a cotton plantation to bring back the tradition in the 18th century when raw materials were sourced from the town. (DOST-6/J. R. A. Gabiota)


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