BSP calls for help to protect PHL money’s integrity

BANK OFFICER II Jo-Anne Ballacillo of the Bangko Santral ng Pilipinas’ Currency Issue and Integrity Office stresses the importance of knowing Philippine money to safeguard it especially against counterfeiters. (JBG/PIA-Capiz)

ROXAS City, Capiz — The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has called on the public to help safeguard the integrity of Philippine money.

Bank Officer II Jo-Anne Ballacillo of the BSP Currency Issue and Integrity Office said it is “important for the public to know our Philippine money so we will be able to protect it, especially against counterfeiters.”

Ballacillo was the resource speaker in a briefing on “Know Your Money” organized by BSP-Roxas City branch for government office heads or representatives, particularly cash handlers such as treasurers, cashiers and tellers.

A separate briefing was also held for bankers here.

The briefing focused on topics on security features of the New Generation Currency banknotes and coins, Clean Note and Coin Policy and pertinent laws and circulars on protecting the integrity of the Philippine Currency.

Ballacillo also highlighted the government’s coin recirculation program, calling on the stakeholders to help promote the importance of coins to generate behavioral change by making it a habit for the public to use and accept coins.

“We have to help in the campaign to flush out coins in storage for coins recirculation,” Ballaccillo said.

For owners of mutilated currency, they may bring it to any branch of the BSP for determination of genuineness and/or redemption value.

She added that they can submit the mutilated notes and coins to the nearest local bank for transmittal to the BSP. (PIA-Capiz)

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