A father’s sacrifice

(L-R) Event host Roxanne Barcelo, Marketing Lead China, Northeast Asia, Russia and CIS for MoneyGram International Sabrina Chan, Head of Asia Pacific for MoneyGram International Yogesh Sangle, MoneyGram Idol Award winner Elsie Talusan and family, Ambassador for MoneyGram International Robin Padilla, and Philippine Country Manager for MoneyGram International Alex Lim

MOST people take it for granted that a father is meant to provide for their family’s needs. However, many fathers go above and beyond the call of duty, enduring long periods of separation from their families and the sadness of not being around to watch their children grow up just to earn a living.

Michael Talusan is very familiar with these heartaches. He left his small family in Nagcarlan, Laguna to work in Saudi Arabia.

The life of an OFW’s wife

Elsie Talusan, a 40-year-old mother of two, misses her husband every day. The last time she saw him was September 2016, during an all-too-brief visit home. The first time he left them, she was pregnant with their second child. She had to bear giving birth without him by her side, and raising the new baby for the first year or so without being able to introduce her to her father except through voice and video calls.

“Mahirap din (It’s very difficult),” Elsie relates with tears in her eyes. “Pero wala eh, tiis lang.” (There’s no helping it, you have to endure.)

“Kung ako ang tatanungin mas gusto ko na nadito sya, kasama namin, kaysa nasa malayo sya. Ang hirap, e. Ang hirap ng walang asawang katuwang sa pagaalaga ng mga anak.” (If it were up to me, I would prefer that he was here with us instead of being somewhere far away. It’s very hard to not have someone with you, helping you to raise the children.)


Love and support from overseas

However, Michael and Elsie talk regularly, and he makes sure that he spends a lot of time with their children whenever he can come home. Aside from that, he also never misses a chance to send remittances for his family’s needs.

In that regard, MoneyGram has been a great help. Elsie says that it makes her feel like he’s still with her in some way, supporting and helping her. “Parang inabot lang,” (It’s like he just handed me [the money]), she explains. That’s how quickly MoneyGram gets her husband’s remittances to her, without the worries of having to go to a bank or a remittance center.

Many other OFW families choose MoneyGram because it’s so easy to use – they just visit any of the over 350,000 partner locations worldwide. Remitting money has never been so hassle-free.

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