Biden speaks on fallen soldiers while Trump yells about Fox

  • Five American soldiers as well as two foreign military personnel were killed when a helicopter was assigned to an international peacekeeping force, which crashed off the coast of Egypt.
  • President-Elect Joe Biden issued a statement on Twitter, “Deepest condolences to the loved ones of peacekeepers.”
  • President Donald Trump, on the other hand, says nothing about the crash until Thursday afternoon, and instead focuses on criticizing Fox News and complaining about losing the election.
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Five US Service Members They were killed when their helicopter crashed on Thursday. President-elect Joe Biden expressed his condolences. On the other hand, President Donald Trump complained to Fox News.

A helicopter assigned to the Multinational Force and Observer (MFO) crashed near Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, killing seven, including a French service member and a Czech.

An American service member survived and was medically evacuated.

An earlier MFO report stated that six Americans were killed in the incident, which is why some statements released in that case reported six Americans dead. That The count was revised by the MFO on Thursday afternoon.

Just hours after the news of the crash, Trump fiercely retweeted those criticizing Fox News. He then tweeted his criticism of the conservative network.

That tweet was followed by an electoral fraud claim, a common theme of several presidential tweets following Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

As it was written on Thursday afternoon, the insider could not get a public statement from the president before the tragedy.

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Biden, whose son Bue Biden served in the National Guard and was stationed in Iraq before undergoing brain cancer, expressed his condolences in a brief statement on Twitter.

In the wake of the accident, on Monday, Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, who replaced Mark Arizon after being fired by the president, released a statement on the tragic accident.

“The Department of Defense is deeply saddened by the loss of six Americans and two fellow Nation Service members in a helicopter crash in the ongoing Sinai Peninsula with the United Nations multinational force and observers (MFOs),” Miller said, adding the updated casualty count.

“Yesterday we recognized the sacrifice of millions of American veterans who have defended our nation for generations, and today we sadly remind ourselves of the last full measure that our uniformed warriors can pay for their service,” he said. “I extend the department’s condolences to the families, friends and teammates of these service members.”

The MFO, which enforces a 40-year-old peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, is currently investigating the cause of the crash, although a mechanical failure is believed to be to blame.

Update: This post has been updated. In the previous version of this article, the number killed in the accident was misquoted due to an incorrect statement by the MFO. The latest MFO statement killed five American soldiers in the crash.

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