WVMC nurses complain of low PhilHealth share

SEVERAL nurses at Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) in Mandurriao, Iloilo are purportedly complaining of diminishing shares from the hospital’s PhilHealth insurance collections.

Esther Nievales, chief administration officer, said they have not received any formal complaint from the nurses.

But Nievales said more or less 80 nurses wrote to them a letter asking for an increase in their share.

“They complain that their share is lesser than those of other hospitals. But they cannot compare it with others because we are a big hospital and we have many employees which means many are sharing in the collection,” she explained.

“We have our own salary so regardless if we have PhilHealth share or not we continue to work. Ang PhilHealth ya daw incentive lang na siya,” she added.

Nievales said the hospital has been transparent and has provided the employees documents of how much PhilHealth collection the hospital gets.

She said they met with all the employees on Jan 31. to explain to them the guidelines of the sharing scheme.

She said that 50 percent of the professional fee goes to the doctors while the remaining 50 percent goes to the non-doctors.

“Our accountant showed to them how much money goes to the hospital from PhilHealth. The money is deposited to us directly by the agency. And we clearly presented to them how much share they will get,” she said.

Nievales also said that a lawyer from PhilHealth visited the hospital to check their compliance.

“According to the lawyer, we are doing the right thing,” she said.

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