Non-city residents got relocation lots – ICUPAO

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FIFTY more beneficiaries of Iloilo City’s mass housing program may lose their units following the investigation by the Iloilo City Urban Poor Affairs Office (ICUPAO).

ICUPAO head Jeck Conlu told City Hall beat reporters that his team is set to send notice of violations to the 50 homeowners next week.

Conlu said this group is the second batch of housing beneficiaries who risk losing units.

“They have violations that warrant taking back of the awarded housing units to them,” Conlu said.

ICUPAO has sent notices of violations to 70 persons who are registered owners of the city’s mass housing units spread in various relocation sites.



Conlu cited another trend that came up in the ICUPAO investigation – there are awardees who were given lots but are not originally from the city.

“There are lots that were awarded four to five years ago but remain unoccupied,” Conlu said.

He said ICUPAO found 20 cases of awardees, who were not originally from the city.

“After the lots were awarded to them, they returned to their place of origin, not in the city but in the countryside, in different provinces in Panay,” he said.

With this trend, Conlu said he is mulling to revisit the requirements for the recipients of lots or house/lot from the city.

“Isa man sa ginatan aw naton. Nakita naton sa pagduhon sang bag-o nga pagsulondan kon paano i-qualify. Daku nga numero halin sa province naga kadto sa city diri gpangabuhi pero indi sila originally from the city,” Conlu said.

“Tan –awan naton kon paano naton iqualify dapat kon pila ka na ka tuig naga stay sa city bag o ka mga qualify,” Conlu said.

Conlu said the city will take back the awarded lots but will give the beneficiaries the chance to explain their side.

“Bawion ina sa ila kon indi nila majustify pero ginatagaan ta man sila sang oportunidad nga maoccupy nila, kon indi gid kuwaon gid naton sa ila kag ihatag sa iba,” Conlu said.

Beneficiaries have 60 days from the day of award to occupy the lot.

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