New top cop eyes drugs, discipline

POLICE Regional Office-6 director, Chief Supt. John Bulalacao (left), with his predecessor Chief Supt. Cesar Hawthorne Binag during the turnover of command rite at Camp Delgado, Iloilo City, June 5, 2018. (Ricky D. Alejo)

THE fight against illegal drugs will remain on top of the to-do list of Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao, the newly-installed Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6) chief.

That objective will be coupled with organizational discipline, which is the core Bulalacao’s leadership.

During his assumption of office on June 5, 2018, Bulalacao, the erstwhile PNP spokesman, announced that he would continue to pursue Oplan Double Barrel against illegal drugs.

“We will not relent on our war against illegal drugs and other forms of criminality,” he added.

Oplan Double Barrel is the PNP’s flagship campaign against illegal drugs. Part of the campaign is the implementation of Oplan Tokhang.

With Iloilo City getting negative publicity in the past two years after President Rodrigo Duterte tagged it as the “most shabulized city” and the “bedrock of illegal drugs,” Bulalacao admitted that he had apprehensions when he was told that he would be heading PRO-6.

“Napakataas ng level of what to do but I saw that I was briefed and I saw the statistics. There’s improved crime situation and a continuous and significant decline in the crime trend,” he added.

In fact, PRO-6 was cited as among the regions that delivered significant results in the anti-illegal drugs campaign.

In several instances during his speech, Bulalacao highlighted internal reforms and organizational discipline.

“Cases involving PNP personnel arising from service-related circumstances will be given due consideration and appropriate legal assistance,” he said.

In the same manner, Bulalacao warned that those who commit misdemeanor will also be dealt with accordingly.

He said that the PNP disciplinary mechanism is in place to address complaints against erring policemen.

Bulalacao said that PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde had told him to deal with rogue members of the PNP.

“Discipline is important. Bawal ang nagti-text habang nasa trabaho. Policemen are also prohibited to smoke while in uniform in public,” he added.

Policemen sleeping on their job will also be closely watched.

“I will monitor if that is being followed. I also want the provincial and city police directors to do the same,” he added.

Bulalacao also reiterated the rule against police officers entering gambling dens and engaging in “moonlighting” or “sidelines”.

A member of Philippine Military Academy Class 1988, Bulalacao said that he would promote unit integrity and individual reform under his watch.

He also vowed to “only communicate the factual and truthful information aimed at reversing adverse opinions that have resulted from past events.”

“The best public relation is good and honest performance,” he said.

For now, he assured that there would be no immediate and drastic changes on the current peace and order programs.



As has been his management style in his previous command assignments, Bulalacao said he will lead by example.

“In the words of our chief PNP, I will not demand of you, that which I cannot demand of myself,” he said.

Further, “all reforms that I intend to initiate will be implemented with me setting the example. I shall set high expectations for performance but I will be fair and just.”

As he called for unity, Bulalacao said his office will be opened to officers and men who want to seek an audience with him.

“Do not hesitate to sound off if there so urgent that I should know,” he added.

“After all, as a commander, it is also his job to listen and take action.”

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