Murder raps vs man who killed lady cousin

A MURDER case is set to be filed today, April 16, 2018, against a 21-year old man who allegedly killed his cousin in Batan, Aklan.

JeralphEstomata, 21, of Barangay Bakhaw Sur, was arrested Friday at Barangay Andagao, Kalibo town for the death of his 26-year-old cousin JovelynSaradolla.

Saradolla body was found in a forest at Barangay Lalab, Batanon April 12.

Estomata’s mother and Saradolla’s father are siblings who both live in Kalibo.

The victim, a saleslady in a textile store, allegedly left their home on April 8, but her body was found four days later.

Inspector Zacarias Rose, Batan police chief, said police were led to the suspect’s identity after a footage closed circuit television (CCTV) showed Saradolla and Estomata riding a Kalibo-Altavasjeepneyat a jeepney terminal in Kalibo on April 8.

According to Estomata, they alighted at Batanto visit their grandfather.

As told by the suspect to police investigators, Saradolla allegedly said that she wanted to have an “adventure.”

Estomata claimed he then remembered that his grandfather used to have a house at Lalab village, which was destroyed when Typhoon Yolanda pummeled Panay.

As they walked to the, the suspect claimed that Saradolla had been making hurtful statements against him.

“The victim was allegedly telling him about his sister being impregnated and was later abandoned by her boyfriend.Saradolla also told him ngapalamuninlangsila,” Rose narrated.

Estomata said he was insulted by what he heard, forcing him to pick up a piece of wood and struck his cousin thrice.

Based on autopsy result, the victim died of blunt force injuries on her face and mouth.

“Her jaw and mouth were broken,” Rose said.

The autopsy also showed that she was not sexually molested.

As to insinuations that the two may have had a romantic alliance, “that’s something that we would also want to find out,” Rose said.

Meanwhile, Estomata’s mother was one of the few persons who went to the funeral parlor immediately after it was reported that a woman was found dead in Balete town.

She claimed that her son cried heavily after she confirmed that it was indeed Saradolla’a body.

“If my son indeed killed Laylay (Saradolla’s nickname), he should face the consequences,” she said in vernacular.

The suspect’s mother that he would not tolerate Estomata even if he’s her son.

She hoped, though, that her elder brother won’t hate all of them for what her son did.


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