Friday, 21st November 2014

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By: Florence F. Hibionada

NOTICE to Iloilo City law enforcement officers and government officials concerned.  And to parents, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends as well.

Be forewarned that a supposed male “broker” cum agent is offering escort and massage services for its Iloilo City clientele.  With “girls” as highlight of the offer. And it is not your every day “regular massage” albeit with the same promise of relief and relaxation.

This, as a post was made on a popular website with free community advertisements promising a “relaxing and beneficial” massage while in Iloilo City.

The relaxation and benefit being “a full body nude naturist massage in a naturist environment.”

A naturist massage is practiced totally nude, the client and the masseur or, masseuse are both naked...This helps both the recipient of the massage and the masseur or masseuse to be on a more equal level, making the massage more relaxing and beneficial,” the full text of the advertisement read. It is also offered for both male and female clients.


Posted as “Post A2360,” the advertisement is titled “Iloilo City Young Escort with Lingam Massage Services (Iloilo City).”

Further check showed that it was first posted 10am of November 14, 2011 and updated in the afternoon of November 24th.  The webhosting being free, it carries only until morning of December 14th as deadline of free post.

As of press time yesterday, 714 “visitors” have been recorded.  No specifics are readily known though as to how many have thus far actually responded to the advertisement.  A separate “order form” is provided at the end of the post and secured by the user of said site.

A certain “Niel” is the contact person with mobile phone number (SMART account withheld at the moment) given alongside a Cebu-based landline.

Choices are up for any takers albeit with a price.

For instance, “Starlet Girls” are priced P12,000 (about US $300) per service while “Secondary Girls” are P8,000 (US $200) and “Ordinary Girls” P3,500 (US $83).

Added offer is sex-pill Viagra priced at P500 each.  As to how and why a Viagra can boost the massage is not explained.

Lingam Massage is known as an “exotic massage” justified by a Cebu-based spa operator as the same with other kinds of massage.

Authentic Lingam Massage employs techniques that primarily involve stroking the male sexual organ. Lingam is a Sanskrit word for the male sex organ.

It has since divided the spa industry in Cebu as objections and criticisms were hurled by “regular” spa owners against it.

A widely-accepted form of wellness massage all over the world particularly in Muslim Malaysia, Egypt, Thailand, United States and London, it is not the same for Iloilo City.  However to date, no clear distinction is made nor any local Ordinances actually prohibit such.

The concern then in Cebu was that spas claiming to offer authentic Lingam Massage are not clear on the qualifications of their therapists.  Yet a staunch supporter of it has issued a challenge to critics saying “get to know the massage first before condemning it.”

The clear problem though with offers such as the one supposedly available in Iloilo City is the use of “girls” as massage therapists.  Or at least as passed off by “Niel” the broker.

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