Monday, 29th December 2014

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May 21,2013 12:43 AM

THE ILOILO Dinagyang Festival will perform in the USA on June 2 and 8.

In a statement from the City Hall press office, the 23-man Dinagyang dancers will perform during the Philippine Independence Day Parade in Madison Avenue Manhattan, New York City on June 2.

On June 8, they will perform at the Filipinotown of Los Angeles, California.

The twin performances are part of the 115th Philippine Independence Day celebrations in the US.

The Dinagyang contingent will banner the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) taglines “It’s more fun in the Philippines” and “It’s fun to be Pinoy!”

The DOT’s Tourism and Promotions Board will sponsor the US trip.

This is the second time Dinagyang will be showcased in the NYC parade touted as the largest celebration of its kind. The first time that the contingent performed was in 2011 with 100,000 spectators getting a taste of the country’s 3-time best tourism event.

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December 29,2014 01:10 AM

By: Modesto P. Sao-noy

YESTERDAY we remembered the children who were victims of the desire of Herod to stay in power. Fear of being dislodged by a reported King of Jews, he massacred the innocents. We thought that what Herod did was terrible and yet today we still see the same mentality of staying in power at the cost of the innocents – the citizenry.  Read more...

Aspiring for a certain immunity

December 29,2014 01:08 AM

By: Fr. Roy Cimagala

IT’S obvious that in this life we are always exposed to all kinds of impurities, toxins and other harmful elements. That’s unavoidable. We try to avoid them, of course, improving on our hygiene and sanitation, and undertaking preventive measures, such as prophylaxis. Read more...

Reforming the ARMM at 25

December 29,2014 01:06 AM

By: Fr. Eliseo Jun Mercado, OMI

ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman’s report on the State of the ARMM is a welcome relief for many before it bows out.

The ARMM has a new image albeit it is about to fade away with the emergence of the Bangsamoro.   Read more...


December 29,2014 01:04 AM

By: Alex P. Vidal

“While physics and mathematics may tell us how the universe began, they are not much use in predicting human behavior because there are far too many equations to solve. I'm no better than anyone else at understanding what makes people tick, particularly women.” – Stephen Hawking Read more...

Education review 2014

December 29,2014 01:02 AM

By: Dr. Rex Casiple

QUALITY Education remains the top priority of the Aquino administration this year as education got the lion’s share of the 2014 budget.

The education sector claimed a significant part of the total P841.8-billion allocation for social services in the 2014 General Appropriations Act (GAA).  Read more...

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