December 20, 2016 12:12 AM

By: Max N. Macahilo

THE Department of Agriculture (DA) is set to launch the Color-Coded Agriculture Guide Map or NACCAG before end of 2016.

The map will serve as the guide for Filipino farmers on the type of soil in their respective farms and determine the ideal crops that should be grown.


DA Assistant Secretary for the Visayas Hansel Didulo said NACCAG will be available online for general access.

“One can only search for his area and the information on soil suitability and climatic conditions shall be available right away. Investors who wish to venture into the production of a particular crop can easily locate the area where to ideally grow such crop,” Didulo said

Also, the DA will distribute smart phones beginning 2017 to fishing and farming organizations all over the country.

“The smart phones are equipped with an application that both farmers and fishermen can utilize to determine weather conditions, risks and hazards at sea and even information pertaining to the crops they grow,” he said.

Didulo said they will invite senators, congressmen as well as governors, mayors and leaders of the farmers and fisher folks during the launching so they will understand how it will help their constituents and members.

Seminars and workshops will also be conducted at the local level for further education.

NACCAG is part of the Adaptation and Mitigation Initiatives in Agriculture (AMIA) Project which is part of the department’s climate change mitigation plan.


“Because we have a president that delivers and an agriculture secretary who works hard as well, all these developments in agriculture and fishery became possible. Indeed, “Sa panguma may asenso kita”, he added.